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Cultural and Social Anthropology

Chair for Social Anthropology – Professor Dr. Erdmute Alber

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The Chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Bayreuth is a dynamic, collaborative scholarly community ...

lead by Prof. Erdmute Alber.

We share research interests and expertise in theoretical fields and ethnographic themes ranging from kinship, generations, gender, age and the life course – especially as they produce and are refigured by politics and power – to care, class, and migration, to pandemics, work and education. Our research spans the globe, from the Americas to Europe and Africa, with a unique concentration of expertise on West Africa. We are dedicated to historically-informed, fieldwork-based research, and to producing ethnographically grounded analysis on topics of contemporary concern, with special attention to the diverse ways in which social relations drive social change.

Our teaching is closely linked to and inspired by our research, and we are committed to interactive, student-led pedagogy – as well as guided, field-based research (especially in our innovative Masters’ programme). Student well-being and success is a priority at the Chair, and we take an active, engaged approach to mentorship.

Our current research projects include, among others:

We work closely with the Institute for African Studies (IAS), the “Africa Multiple” Cluster of Excellence, and the Bayreuth International Graduate School for African Studies (BIGSAS). We are also home to a Working Group on Care.

We welcome opportunities to work with graduate students and researchers interested in these and related themes, working in any regional context.

Webmaster: Univ.Prof.Dr. Erdmute Alber

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