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Cultural and Social Anthropology

Chair for Social Anthropology – Professor Dr. Erdmute Alber

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Date News
02.05.2024 Journal cultura & psyché, Vol. 5, article 4 "When parents die: Bereavement, decision-making and achieving adult personhood in rural Togo" by Tabea Häberlein
06.03.2024 Peripherie 171/172 : "Changes in parental responsibilities through 'education for all'" by Erdmute Alber
22.02.2024 Workshop: Making a Living | University of Bayreuth | 22. - 23.02.2024
20.12.2023 REVUE DEZAN, Vol. 11, issue 2 "Politiques de parente: La circulation des enfants au Dahomey/Benin au XXE siecle" new article by Erdmute Alber
07.12.2023 Journal cultura & psyché, Vol. 4, issue 1 "Multiplicities of (Il)literacy?" edited by Erdmute Alber and Carlos Kölbl
07.12.2023 Critique of Anthropology, Vol. 43, issue 4 "Entangled navigations: Intergenerational care relations in neoliberal eduscapes in Benin" new article by Erdmute Alber
30.10.2023 Coffi Fidèle Ballo Guede: Congratulations on the successful defence
30.10.2023 Albert Irambeshya: Congratulations on the successful defence
25.10.2023 Workshop "'Making (a) Difference' Intergenerational Conversations on Intimate Relations and Transformation" October 25-28, 2023
14.06.2023 Book Launch by Koreen Reece on Wednesday, 14 June 2023, 11h15 to 13h: Pandemic Kinship - Families, Intervention, and Social Change in Botswana's Time of AIDS
13.06.2023 Invitation to MIASA Public Lecture Series 2023: Responsibilizing parents to overcome blindness - Changing intergenerational relations through education for all in Northern Benin; Speaker: Prof. Erdmute Alber
16.05.2023 "Increasing Women's Political Presence in West Africa": Invitation to MIASA Conference on 16-17 May 2023 at the University of Ghana
01.03.2023 Visiting Fellowship for Koreen M. Reece at the University of Glasgow
14.02.2023 Radio interview with Koreen Reece on 'Weddings around the World - Love in Different Cultures and Faiths'
13.02.2023 Research grant for Erdmute Alber at the MIASA
02.01.2023 New Publication "The Politics of Making Kinship" edited by Erdmute Alber, David Warren Sabean, Simon Teuscher und Tatjana Thelen
07.11.2022 Anthropology Lecture Series - Wintersemester 2022/23
19.01.2022 New Publication "Politics and Kinship - A Reader" edited by Erdmute Alber und Tatjana Thelen

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