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Cultural and Social Anthropology

Chair for Social Anthropology – Professor Dr. Erdmute Alber

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Former Team-Members


Coffi Fidèle Ballo Guede, M.A.
PhD Student until 2023

E-Mail: bgfalco@yahoo.fr

Dr. PD Paolo Gaibazzi

Dr. Paolo Gaibazzi
Social Anthropology

Senior Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna / Head of the Heisenberg Project "AfroEuropean Borderlands" at the University of Bayreuth

E-Mail: paolo.gaibazzi@unibo.it

BIGSAS Junior Fellow Gbeognin Mickael Houngbedji

Gbeognin Mickael Houngbedji, M.A.
PhD Student until 2022

E-Mail: mickael.houngbedji@hotmail.com

BIGSAS Junior Fellow Albert Irambeshya

Albert Irambeshya, M.A.
PhD Student until 2023

E-Mail: alirambe40@gmail.com

Dr. PD Claudia Liebelt

Dr. Claudia Liebelt
Social Anthropology

until 07.2021

E-Mail: claudia.liebelt@fu-berlin.de

Dr. Sabrina Maurus

Dr. Sabrina Maurus
'Africa Multiple: Cluster of Excellence' research "Making a Living"

Research associate until 9.2023

E-Mail: sabrina.maurus@uni-bayreuth.de

Johanna Sarre

Joh Sarre, M.A.
Social Anthropology - Research associate until 3.2021

E-Mail: sarre@posteo.de

Dr. Manfred Stoppok
Scholarship holder of the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung until 9.2023

E-Mail: manfred.stoppok@uni-bayreuth.de

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